ACCC at Winter Involvement Fair

The ACCC table at Winter Involvement Fair included giveaways like lip balm, tote bags and more.

Student Center East’s Illinois Room was filled with students interested in discovering the various activities, clubs and departments available at UIC, January 22 - 23.

Students and faculty visited ACCC’s table to inquire about tech assistance and the valuable services, tools, resources and opportunities we offer, including free software downloads (Microsoft Office, etc.), encryption and VPN software, WiFi, cloud storage, Google Drive, Wepa printing stations, C-Stop locations and free access to LinkedIn Learning’s 15,000 instructional videos — to name a few.

In addition to ACCC’s informational flyer, students were given a nifty collapsible tote bag with the WebStore’s URL printed on it, as well as ACCC-branded webcam covers and vanilla-flavored lip balm.

It was nice to share with our students that we offer and support the tech they need to succeed this academic year. And, it was great to see students who had visited our table during the Fall Involvement Fair inquiring about joining ACCC, who now work with us!

We thank everyone for stopping by!