ACCC Hosts Council of Australasian University Directors of IT (CAUDIT)

ACCC and CAUDIT representatives meet at UIC BGRC to discuss UIC's advances in cybersecurity and more.

ACCC hosted a half-day session with 16 Council of Australasian University Directors of IT (CAUDIT) executives from across Australia and New Zealand, to discuss UIC’s achievements in:

• Applying Emerging Technologies in Teaching and Learning
• Efforts to Improve Student Experience and Success
• Innovative Technology Services and Facilities
• Global IT Initiatives at Your Institution
• Cybersecurity
• Planning a Virtual Infrastructure

“It was a great interaction with our peers from Australia and New Zealand.  We got a chance to share experiences and will continue to stay in touch with our new friends,” said CIO and Executive Director Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom.

During the CAUDIT 2019 USA International Study Tour in October, the Council visited top-ranking universities in Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, including Northwestern University, Loyola University, Stanford University, University of Washington, and University of California - Berkeley.