ACCC-Sponsored Poll Everywhere Trial Ends May 30th 2020

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Dear Poll Everywhere users,

In 2014, the Personal Computing Device Committee of the ITGC recommended adopting a single Student Response System (SRS) for all university colleges, with the overarching goal to encourage the use of SRS in formative assessment of students by offering it free of charge and utilizing the students’ devices.

This recommendation prompted ACCC to purchase a trial license to Poll Everywhere (online service for classroom and audience response systems), develop support resources, and conduct pilot research for faculty adoption of this new tool. The trial continued from Fall 2015 to Spring 2020. Over this time period, 325 Faculty and staff have tried Poll Everywhere, with a present count of approximately 135 active users logging on in 2019.

As the 2019 renewal period came up, the ACCC-LTS team conducted a review of the state of the current systems in place at UIC. They learned that during the trial period, only faculty that were not previously using a polling system adopted Poll Everywhere. Very few faculty members using the other polling systems made the switch to Poll Everywhere.

After careful consideration regarding the cost of moving to an enterprise license, adoption rate, feedback from faculty and instructional designers, and the availability of polling as part of Echo360, another ACCC supported system, the ACCC-LTS team determined that the Poll Everywhere trial should end.

The Poll Everywhere trial license will be active until May 30th 2020. At that time, all instructor accounts and corresponding polls will continue to be available using the features of the free version. The enterprise features of the ACCC-supported version will no longer function.

If you are interested in polling or are currently using Poll Everywhere, contact to schedule a meeting to discuss your options or a transition plan.