December Webinars

ACCC Learning Technology Solutions December Webinars

Looking to save time by exporting grades in Blackboard, or want to get your courses ready for the next semester and don't know where to start? Join us this month for the following webinars!

December 3rd - Introduction to VoiceThread

Learn how to use VoiceThread, a collaborative multimedia slide show that features a voice-based and video-based discussion board.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

• Upload media
• Comment with VoiceThread's unique system
• Annotate media
• Create a VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard

December 10th - Exporting Grades in Blackboard

With grades due in just one week, you may be wondering how to transfer your long list of students to Banner. Blackboard’s Export Grades Tool can help. Download your grades onto an Excel spreadsheet before uploading it to Banner’s Faculty Grade Entry.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

• Prepare your Final Grade output
• Set your External Grade
• Export your final grades for upload to Banner

December 17th - Get Your Course Ready: A Blackboard Checklist (Flipped Webinar)*

Haven’t used Blackboard in a while? Join us for the top pointers in getting your Blackboard course up and ready for your students!

In this webinar, you will learn to:

• Organize your Blackboard course menu
• Add content and menu items to your course
• Create announcements
• Utilize necessary tools for your course
• Make your course available
Configure notifications for the Activity Stream

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