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How Instructors Can Use LinkedIn Learning for Teaching

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as, has over 15,000 online courses available to watch on-demand, with 30-60 new classes uploaded every week!

LinkedIn Learning is available to UIC students and faculty, and is a great tool that instructors can use to save time, ensure students come into class on the same footing, and help students acquire the skills needed to succeed in courses. Accessible online and available anytime, these courses can be used as supplemental learning materials and incorporated into courses as pre-course work or post-course work.


Course Libraries

LinkedIn Learning has 3 Course Libraries dedicated to Business, Creative Programs and Technology.


Topics including soft skills and professional development.

  • Business Topics
  • Marketing & Management
  • Career Development
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Personal Development
  • Communication & Writing

Creative Suite

Tutorial on programs used by web developers, graphic designers, photographers and creative professionals.

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Illustrator
  • PhotoShop
  • InDesign
  • Photography


Courses on software programs, tools and applications.

  • Software Development (Python, C , SQL, R)
  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word etc)
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, Java)
  • Analytics software (SPSS, Tableau, Mathematica, Matlab)
  • and more!

How to Use with Teaching

LinkedIn Learning

As an instructor, you can use LinkedIn Learning in your courses two different ways:


The pre-coursework approach is useful when instructors want students to come into class with the same knowledge or skills on a specific topic, software or tool. Instructors can require or advise students to complete a LinkedIn Learning course before classes begin. For example, if your course requires basic use of Microsoft Excel, you may want to require students to take LinkedIn Learning’s Intro to Excel course to get an introduction to the software and learn the basics.


In the post-coursework method, students can learn more on a specific topic or subject that was not covered or reviewed in-depth during class. For example, if you use an Excel tool or formula that may be intermediate or advanced, such as Pivot tables or VLOOKUP, and you couldn’t spend too much time teaching it during class, you can provide students with LinkedIn Learning courses as post-coursework so they learn more on the topic independently.  Courses include practice files and real-life examples that require hands-on learning and help students learn actively.

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