Remote Access to Specialized Software with Virtual Computer Labs

Get Remote Access to Specialized Software with Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote Access to Specialized Software through the Virtual Computer Lab

We understand that students need to utilize specialized software (typically only available at a cost or in UIC computer labs) to complete coursework.

While our labs are closed this fall, we are happy to inform you that with the use of Virtual Computer Lab, students can remotely access specialized software like Mathematica, R Studio, SPSS, Python, MATLAB and more from your home computers and laptops.

For a complete list of specialized software accessible through the Virtual Computer Lab, visit:

Students - you have been given access to this resource. Learn how to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop using a mobile device, desktop application and browser, and more:

Instructors - if you are interested in testing the Virtual Computer Lab environment for any specialized software you expect students to use, please use the form linked below.