Try the Lightboard Studio: Innovation in Teaching

Two people using the ACCC Lightboard Studio. Writing on the lighboard studio in neon markers.

Faculty - want to take your classroom presentations to another level? The Lightboard Studio is a fun, innovative take on traditional teaching with a whiteboard.

The Lightboard is a great tool for creating engaging presentations and fostering personal connections, especially in an online course, as students get to see the instructor throughout the video.

How it works: 

The Lightboard allows instructors to write as they normally would on a whiteboard, while facing the camera through a glass pane. Pumped full of light, the Lightboard illuminates anything written in neon marker. The camera instantly flips the recorded video so the instructor’s original writing doesn’t appear backwards. And the best part is, there’s no post-production work to do after the recording! Instructors can simply walk away with a USB flash drive containing their ready-to-watch video.

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