Video for the Classroom Made Easy with Panopto

Creating Video for your classroom is not as scary as you think!

Creating video for the classroom is not as scary as you think!

Video adds great value to teaching and learning, especially if it is efficient to create and share. That's why ACCC is pleased to offer Panopto - the tool for video management, recording, inside-video search, quizzing, analytics, and more!

With Panopto, UIC faculty & staff can:

• Easily capture video on Windows, Mac, and iOS.
• Easily edit video from any web browser.
• Upload existing video files and automatically convert them for playback on any device.
• Search for any word spoken or shown on-screen across every video in their library.
• Engage students with interactive video players that support multi-camera HD playback, inside-video search, digital notes, and more.
• Access web-based analytics that provide insights on video engagement, popular videos, who watched which videos, and more.

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There is no charge for UIC faculty and staff who are using Panopto for academic teaching and learning purposes.

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