Fall 2018 Learning Environments Upgrades

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Last updated: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - 3:56pm
Posted Sep 5, 2018 3:56 PM

In August 2008, only 36% of common-use classrooms had audio-visual technology installed. Today, 94% of the 182 common-use classrooms are equipped with this technology! This summer, a total of 20 classrooms and 4 teaching computer labs received technology upgrades, providing enhanced capabilities for instructors and students.

These improvements were made possible by the student Library/IT Assessment and partnership with the Office of Campus Learning Environments.

Classrooms with Audio-Visual System Upgrades:

  • Lecture Center D rooms D1 and D4
  • Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) rooms 185, 187, 215, 365, 367, and 369
  • Lincoln Hall 1st floor classrooms
  • Science & Engineering South rooms 238 and 270
  • Grant Hall 204 (floor-mounted displays for each table, with wireless collaboration units at each table)
  • Taft Hall 100 and 120 (AV system replacement, and conversion to wireless collaboration units at each table)

Teaching Computer Labs:

  • Science & Engineering Labs East (SELE) rooms 2249E and 2249F received new computers
  • SELE room 2263 was converted from Apple computers to Windows-based computers, received a new audio-visual system, along with new furniture that allowed for a capacity increase from 24 to 32 students
  • Science & Engineering South room 205BC received a new audio-visual system, new computers, and new furniture, allowing for a capacity increase from 28 to 40 students