Policy on Access to Computers for People with Disabilities

Revision Date: March 03, 2008
Version: 1.00

The University of Illinois at Chicago is committed to providing equal access to computer services to people with disabilities. Inclusive environment allows people with disabilities to work along side their peers in completing their educational requirements. Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) and the Disability Resource Center (DRC) are partnering to ensure ACCC computer labs are accessible for people with disabilities.

In ACCC labs where computers are equipped with accessible software or hardware, people with disabilities are given preference over non-disabled clients, and this is enforced by Academic Computing and Communications Center personnel, with, if necessary, assistance from the University.

It is the responsibility of the DRC to work with the students to assess his or her needs and determine if existing hardware and software are sufficient or if the University must look for alternative or individualized solutions. The DRC also provides the necessary training in order for the computer hardware and software to be fully utilized.

ACCC supports computing accessibility by continually updating and improving its hardware and software. When new labs and services are planned and renovated, equipment and software are upgraded to incorporate accessibility requirements. ACCC designates an individual to work with the DRC to coordinate the provision of accessibility services for people with disabilities.

A list of accessibility resources and services supported by the Academic Computing and Communications Center may be found at ACCC Accessibility Service page or at the DRC in a format of your choice.

If a student has comments or concerns regarding accessibility to ACCC computer labs, he/she should contact the Disability Resource Center at 312-413-0886 or a campus online reporting form is available at http://www.uic.edu/depts/oaa/disability_resources/ADA/