Events Calendar Policy

Revision Date: March 18, 2009
Version: 1.00

All Events and Classified Ads submitted to the UIC Event Calendar must follow the Acceptable Use Policy. The UIC Event Calendar system also has restrictions and limitations that will be monitored and enforced. Anyone who chooses to use the UIC Event Calendar will be expected to abide by these policies.

The Events Calendar is for the exclusive use of UIC faculty, staff, and students. Anyone submitting an Event or Classified will be held responsible for its content. Entries submitted by on-campus organizations or departments must clearly state how the entries are associated with UIC. The University also reserves the right to edit or remove any entries. Under no circumstance will an entry be allowed to solicit illegal acts or items. Any entry that is found in violation of Events Calendar policy will be removed and the poster will receive a warning. Continuing to violate the policy will result in the suspension of the poster's privileges to post on the UIC Event Calendar. The suspension period may last from two weeks to one month.


The UIC Events Calendar was developed to post Events and Classified Ads electronically via the Web. It makes it easy to post brief items on the Web, and, if you wish, to send a one line summary of the item to the audience who will be most interested in it.

To aid in finding entries in the Calendar, Events and Classified Ads are labeled with Categories. Below is the list of the categories available to each type of entry and a brief description of each. When you add an entry, you may select as many categories as apply to it. Note, however, that an entry that does not conform to the intended use of the category(s) that it is posted under will result in a warning or suspension of the poster's posting privileges. Consult the Events Calendar instructions for directions on how to post events and use the calendar.

Classified Ad Categories

Classified Ads differ from Events in three ways:

  1. they do not have Event Dates (though they can have as many as five Notification Dates)
  2. they can only be added to the UIC Main Events Calendar
  3. some, but not all, can be personal and not sponsored by a UIC department or unit. Classified Ads are not an option on Departmental Events Calendars.
Type Description
Buy Sell Want

For UIC affiliated posters who want to buy, sell, or want items such as books, electronics, furniture, etc. (Real Estate is not considered as an item.) Anyone can post Buy Sell Want entries.


Used to inform the UIC community about general events occurring on campus.

Lost and Found

Searching for a lost item or announcing having found a lost item. Anyone can post Lost and Found entries.

News Alert

Used by Public Affairs to notify the UIC community of emergency events having occurred on campus or in the Chicago area.

Position Available

Positions on campus offered by a UIC department or unit or jobs announced by student employment.

Research Funding

Announce that funding is available for research or the need for funding proposals.

Roommate and Housing

Roommate search or housing (i.e. "Apartment for rent") available in the UIC campus area. Anyone can post Roommate and Housing entries.

Scholarship or Grants

Announce the availability of grants and scholarships or deadlines for submissions.

Surplus Have or Want

For departments having or wanting items in surplus. However, anyone can post Surplus Have or Want entries.