FaCT Program Policy (AY14-15 Deprecated)

Revision Date: September 18, 2014
Version: 1.00

The below policy applies only to the computers distributed as part of the AY14-15 Computer Replacement Program.  The renegotiated contract for AY15-16 implements a change in structure, in which ACCC does not have a direct role in the program.


In accordance with the Faculty Bargaining Unit contract with UIC, signed May 2014, the Academic Computing & Communications Center has been charged with administering a program to meet the following terms of the contract:

The University will provide each bargaining unit position a new computer not to exceed $1,500 to be chosen from a set of available and supported configurations from the campus office of Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC).  This program for provision of new computers will begin in the fall 2014 semester, and computers will be replaced if an existing computer is beyond four years old during the term of this initial Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The University will provide hardware support during the time the computer is covered by warranty and is assigned to the original bargaining unit position.

General Requirements

In order to fulfill this requirement, the following responsibilities have been defined:

ACCC Responsibilities

  • ACCC will obtain a list of eligible faculty and their associated home-department assignment from the human resources services center.
  • ACCC will coordinate with the colleges to identify faculty bargaining-unit-member PCs that are older than four years. This will be done by providing software to designated departmental / college contacts to run on each eligible faculty member’s machine and report results back to ACCC.
  • ACCC will receive software scan results from departmental contacts, identify PCs that exceed the age of four years as of August 15, 2015, and provide findings to the faculty members’ home-department contact (refer to College Responsibilities).
  • ACCC will provide standard ACCC-supported pricing and configuration options to the colleges (defined as Tier I). Colleges with standard machine configurations that are different from the ones offered and supported by ACCC may elect to offer their own standard configurations to their faculty, in return for the college providing hardware and software support for the machines (defined as Tier II). It is assumed that those configurations are similar in functionality to those provided in Tier I.
  • ACCC will communicate with eligible faculty, notify them of the program, and direct them to a website to view the offered configurations. Faculty will be advised to discuss their preferences with their home-department’s designated contact.
  • Once the number of systems requiring replacement is identified, ACCC will develop an implementation plan so the ordering, installation, and documentation of replacements may be completed by August 15, 2015 or sooner.
  • For both Tier I and Tier II machines, ACCC will submit iBuy orders for replacement using college-provided CFOAPs. ACCC will coordinate installation as PCs are delivered.
  • For Tier I machines, because the campus is recommending bundled security software that raises some of the recommended configurations slightly over $1,500, the campus will provide the funding for the amount over $1,500. In essence, the college/department will be responsible for an amount up to $1,500.
  • ACCC will provide details to designated departmental contacts on property information. This will include Serial Number/Make/Model/Description and responsible individual information for the department to assign Property Tags and update property accounting.
  • For Tier I machines, ACCC will support equipment while under warranty, provided the college/department purchases one of four recommended configurations or a faculty-requested customization is agreed to by the ACCC before purchase.

College Responsibilities

  • The College will provide contact information of a single college-level contact, and departmental contacts for both IT and Business Property Management for each department to ACCC via web form provided at http://accc.uic.edu/service/FaCT by August 15, 2014.
  • College IT support will run software on each PC of identified faculty and send scan files to ACCC by no later than October 17, 2014.
  • For those faculty identified by ACCC as needing a replacement PC, colleges will work with the faculty member and/or department, as appropriate, to determine which PC configuration they choose from the available configurations no later than December 12, 2014. The sooner ACCC receives this information, the sooner they will purchase the PCs.
  • Colleges will report the configuration selection information to ACCC along with the location of the faculty and accounting CFOAP authorized to charge for the PC replacement (one CFOAP per department, maximum).
  • Colleges will pay an amount not to exceed $1,500 for each PC. The Campus will pay any amount over $1,500 but only for the Tier I base configurations.  Any customization requested by a faculty member for individual needs must be agreed to by the college, the faculty member, and the ACCC (only for a Tier I machine), and paid for by the college.
  • The Business/Property management individual identified to ACCC must promptly approve requisition requests submitted by ACCC via iBuy for the purchase of replacement machines.
  • Colleges will assure that property accounting records (including assignment of Property Tags and locations) are updated for new machines before the close of Fiscal Year 2015, and surplus old machines as necessary.
  • Colleges will inform ACCC promptly when a faculty member leaves and the machine is reassigned to another faculty member.
  • For any new hire into a bargaining unit position that has not already had a machine assigned to it, the Colleges will promptly send ACCC information on the faculty member and their machine selection for ACCC to initiate the order process.



The program is being offered in two tiers, in order to meet the needs of all of the colleges and faculty.

Tier I

  • This tier is comprised of ACCC-support standard machine configurations, including one option each of:
    • Lenovo brand Windows Desktop
    • Lenovo brand Windows Laptop
    • Apple brand Desktop
    • Apple brand Laptop
  • Details of the configuration specifications can be found at http://accc.uic.edu/service/fact/configurations and are subject to change.
  • Machines in this tier will be provided complimentary support for the computer's hardware and pre-installed software for the duration of the warranty on the machine (currently four years from date of purchase).
  • ACCC will provide an initial On-Site Support appointment to migrate data and settings from an existing computer to the new computer.
  • Requests for customization of standard Tier I configurations must be approved by the department and confirmed with the ACCC prior to purchase, due to effects on ACCC’s ability to provide support for a customized computer. ACCC may agree to provide support for the customized computer, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Software support from ACCC is limited to verifying functionality and licensing of the pre-installed software. ACCC will provide best-effort support and if the problem cannot be resolved, the machine will reverted to its original state.  Any requests for support of other software, or training on use of any software, will be directed to the faculty member’s department or can be provided by ACCC at our current On-Site Support hourly charge (available at http://accc.uic.edu/service/onsite) and scheduled at the discretion of ACCC.  The selection of pre-installed software is defined through discussion between ACCC and the ITGC Infrastructure & Security Committee, and will be reviewed annually.
  • All machines will be joined to ACCC’s Active Directory (AD) and Windows machines will be managed via SCCM. Apple machines will be managed via Absolute Manage tie-ins to AD. Updates to the operating system, endpoint protection, and pre-installed software will be managed by ACCC. Faculty will have administrative privileges on their machine, and the machine will be placed in a location in AD that allows for limited administrative access by the departmental/college REACH contacts, if so desired by the college.
  • Support from ACCC must be requested either via the online request form found at http://accc.uic.edu/service/fact or by calling the ACCC Service Desk at campus extension 3-0003.

Tier II

  • As an alternative for colleges that have defined their own standard configurations, colleges can opt to participate in Tier II of the FaCT program, which allows them the flexibility to offer any other computer configurations to their faculty (assuming they are comparable in performance and capabilities to the Tier I configurations and include a similar suite of pre-installed software), in return for the college providing all hardware and software support for the duration of the warranty on the machine (which should match the duration provided for Tier I machines).
    • Support from ACCC can be requested via the online request form found at http://accc.uic.edu/service/onsite and will be subject to the standard hourly charge, and scheduled at the discretion of ACCC.
    • ACCC will still manage the ordering process for these machines, and colleges must still fulfill each of the responsibilities detailed above.

For both Tiers, the faculty member’s department is responsible for inventorying and assigning asset tags to the computers.



Machines purchased through this program are the property of the department that paid for the machine.  There are some conditions that apply depending on whether the machine is purchased for a tenure-track or non-tenure track position:

  • Faculty changing departments
    • If a tenure-track faculty member with a FaCT machine changes Home Departments, the machine follows the faculty member and must be transferred to the inventory of the new Home Department.
    • If a non-tenure-track faculty member with a FaCT machine changes Home Departments, the machine stays with the original Home Department to be reassigned to another eligible bargaining unit position.  If the faculty member's new Home Department does not have a machine available for the faculty member, a new machine must be purchased.
  • Faculty leaves the university
    • Regardless of whether the faculty member is tenure-track or non-tenure-track, the FaCT machine is returned to the department to be reassigned to another eligible bargaining unit position.

In all cases, the Home Department must notify the ACCC of the reassignment of the machine.