Lab Reservation and Usage Policy

Revision Date: February 17, 2015
Version: 1.30

Software Installation request deadlines

  • For Spring Semester 2019, the software installation request submission timeframe ends November 16th, 2018.
  • For Summer Session 1 2019 (4-week) and Summer Session 2 2019 (8-week), the software installation request submission timeframe ends March 15th, 2019.
  • For Fall Semester 2019, the software installation request submission timeframe ends July 19, 2019.

Policy and procedures for installation of class-related software

Many instructors have found it useful to have software and data files installed on our network servers for their use in classrooms and/or for students to use in ACCC labs. The Academic Computing and Communications Center will work with faculty and departments to make such arrangements. All requests should be submitted via the software installation request form.  A list of software guaranteed to be installed on classroom and computer lab machines can be found here.  For any other software, you MUST request it EVERY semester.  If you do NOT see software on this list then you MUST request it.

Use the software installation request form to submit your software requests. You must submit your request before the deadline. You must provide all the required information at this time, as necessary: proof of purchase/licenses, media and software installation instructions. If the request is not received by the deadline, there is no guarantee that the requested software will be made available.

If you need software installed on a computer lab or classroom machine for a one-time purpose (for example, a 2-day workshop) then the software and the request should be submitted no less than 4 weeks prior to the first lab reservation for that event. The software will be removed once you are done.

An e-mail will be sent to you once the software is installed; you must then test the software to ensure everything is working as expected for class. Support for the software is the responsibility of the instructor or department who requested that the software be installed. Proof of purchase and/or license must be provided for as many copies as will be needed for the students in the class. We cannot install software without appropriate proof of licensing.

Although the ACCC will make a reasonable effort to get all software packages to work, we can not guarantee that they will. Some packages may not function because of the network and PC lab setup. The ACCC can not be held responsible for software that does not work by class time.

Note: These rules also apply to software brought to install locally on the lab computers by the instructors themselves.

Please fill out the software installation request form. At the end of the semester, all class files and software will be removed. You must submit a software installation requisition each semester even if the software is needed on an ongoing basis.​

Computer Lab Reservations

Reservations for the upcoming semester must be made during the reservation submission window found above. Approvals of the reservation requests are sent out after the submission window has closed. After the beginning of an academic term, requests for computer labs must be made at least one week in advance.

Any requests to reserve computer labs should be made at least one week in advance. If the reservation is for a date within the same week or sooner, then please call the Office of Classroom Scheduling at 312-413-3640 to request that your reservation be processed ASAP, which may or may not be possible. You may not use an ACCC computer lab that you do not have reserved. You must have a confirmation e-mail with a ticket number in order to use an ACCC computer lab for an event/class.

Labs are reserved on a first-come first-served basis, but priority for reservations is given to UIC classes and instructional use. Additionally, certain departments have priority use of specific labs.  In this case, the respective department's reservation requests for their priority lab submitted during the first three weeks of the submission window will be processed before any other reservation requests for that lab.  After the initial three week priority period, all reservations will be processed in the order they are received.  When processing reservations, we will take into consideration class size, demand, and availability.  Published enrollment caps for specific sections will be checked, and will note any discrepancies and may move a reservation to an alternative lab based on enrollment caps to best allocate limited lab space resources.  We cannot approve reservation requests where the enrollment cap exceeds the capacity of our computer labs, due to fire/life safety code.

No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the labs.  Beverages should not be placed near computers.

Any UIC faculty, staff, department, TA or RA (please provide instructor name) can reserve labs. In the case of students, the instructor or advisor will be contacted to verify that the lab is needed. Graduate students who are teaching a course need to specify this when making the request.

Undergraduate students and undergraduate student groups may not reserve computer labs without a faculty/staff sponsor, who must contact the Office of Classroom Scheduling on their behalf and who will serve as the contact person and responsible party.

Users in the lab must have a valid UIC NetID and password to use all the features available on the machines in the labs. Guest access can be enabled for certain events. Please request this via the Guest Login Access Request form. Guest access does not allow printing.

The guest login/password can only be used for the duration of your room reservation.

Labs can only be reserved during open hours. For a list of lab hours refer to: Lab hours and locations.

Demand for lab space is high. Not using a particular date? You must contact us in advance to cancel your reservation so that that space can be freed up for another class or group. Please email to cancel your request. We reserve the right to cancel the remainder of a reservation if it is found that the computer lab is not being used during the reserved time period.

Lab reservations should be requested for classes that require significant hands-on participation for attendees or students in almost every class session. Classes that need an instructor's computer mainly for demonstration use are asked to reserve one of the multimedia classrooms. We reserve the right to cancel reservations if this policy is not followed.

At the end of the session, the instructor is responsible for logging out of all machines in the lab by clicking on the logout button on the desktop.

Blackout dates: all three weekends prior to finals week during the fall and spring semesters and the weekend before finals for the summer semester.

Computer Lab reservations for special events

ACCC computer labs can be reserved for special events, such as conferences or special training sessions. These reservations however are granted at the sole discretion of ACCC and the Office of Classroom Scheduling and must not interfere with the primary purpose of the labs. Such reservation requests are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Labs cannot be reserved for full weekdays during the semester (this policy includes requesting for a full day minus a lunch break).
  • Reservations for classes take priority over special event reservation requests.
  • Lab reservations for the duration of an entire semester are processed only after the previous semester ends.
  • Reservation requests cannot interfere with regularly scheduled upgrade or maintenance of the lab
  • Reservations requested for a non-UIC sponsored event are subject to a charge of $40 per day per attendee/computer. This fee does not cover the cost for software installations and staffing. This fee is waived for events sponsored by UIC.
  • A request for a lab assistant is subject to a $10.00 per hour per lab assistant charge for the duration of reservation plus two additional hours. For example, a reservation for a computer lab from 9:00am - noon where a lab assistant is requested will incur the following charge $30.00 + $20.00 = $50.00 total. This charge applies whether or not the event is sponsored by UIC.
  • A reservation request that requires software installation is subject to a $35/hour charge. This charge applies whether or not the event is sponsored by UIC.
  • If software needs to be installed, it must be provided to ACCC at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the event to guarantee that the software will be installed for the event. Software licenses must be provided by the sponsoring person, unit, event or department to cover all attendees. Software will be removed from the lab machines after the last day of the reservation.
  • Most reservable ACCC Labs are equipped with whiteboards and projectors. This equipment is included in the reservation at no additional cost. Any other equipment needed for the event must be supplied by the person, unit, event or department requesting the reservation at their expense. If the equipment requires installation of software or some other assistance from ACCC, its installation is subject to a $35.00/hour fee.
  • All other rules and policies mentioned elsewhere on this website apply to these reservations.