UIC Wireless and Res-Net Policy

Revision Date: August 13, 2015
Version: 2.10

Terms of Use

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is committed to being a good network neighbor on the Internet. All devices connected to UIC wireless or Res-Net are expected to abide by the following rules in order to receive network access.

The use of UIC wireless or Res-Net is a privilege and shall be consistent with the UIC Computer Use Policies. Failure to comply with the following policy statements will result in consequences. At a minimum, you will lose your network connection. In addition, action for noncompliance may be taken with Student Judicial Affairs, as well as any pertinent law enforcement agency.

You are responsible for all actions performed from your device that is connected to Res-Net or UIC wireless. Granting access to others to use your device for network access is prohibited.

You are expected to take all reasonable security precautions to ensure that others do not use your device for abusive or illegal purposes. If your device is identified as being used for such behavior, access to UIC wireless and Res-Net will be revoked.

The use of your Internet connection for non-University related activities including, but not limited to, income-producing or other business activities is not allowed.

You may not run servers on your Res-Net or UIC wireless-connected devices with the intention of having other people accessing the servers. This includes, but is not limited to, FTP, telnet, peer-to-peer, and mail servers. Servers such as HTTP, IRC, DNS, and others are specifically prohibited.

Use of your UIC Internet connection for the following unlawful and/or unethical activities will be considered a severe transgression and will be handled accordingly:

  • Abusive behavior toward others via email or any other electronic means.
  • Unauthorized transmittal of copyrighted materials.
  • Unauthorized use or access of remote computing resources at UIC or elsewhere.
  • Changing your device's MAC address from its default setting.
  • Concealing or changing your computer's IP address.
  • Concealing or misrepresenting your name or affiliation in network communications.
  • Preventing someone else from using the services on their own computer (e.g., Denial of Service attacks).
  • Unauthorized use of someone else's computer.
  • Capturing network traffic not destined for your computer (i.e., sniffing).
  • Extending the network in any way (e.g., adding a network hub, switch, or wireless access point).

Daily Data Usage Limit

There is a 6 GB upload/download data transfer limit per 24-hour period, starting at midnight of each day, on all of your combined traffic on Res-Net and UIC wireless. The first time that you exceed the data usage limit each semester, you will be sent a warning email reminding you of UIC’s data usage limitations and policies.

After receiving a warning email, your account will be suspended each subsequent time that you exceed the data usage limit. The amount of time that your account is suspended for is based on the number of times that you have previously exceeded the limit during the current semester, according to the following schedule:

  • 1st offense = email warning
  • 2nd offense  = 2 day suspension
  • 3rd and 4th offense = 3 day suspension
  • 5th and 6th offense = 5 day suspension
  • 7th offense and above  = 7 day suspension

Suspension means that Internet access for all personal systems (e.g., laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and PDAs) owned by you will be disabled on campus for that number of days.

Your use of Res-Net or UIC wireless means that you understand and agree to abide by the above policy in order to receive network access.

Your Current Data Usage

ACCC monitors the data usage for all devices on campus to enforce the daily 6 GB limit for UIC wireless or Res-Nes.

Traffic on your local network, traffic to/from other UIC computers, the Urbana campus and the campus approved Crashplan data backup service iis not included in the data usage calculations.

You may use our data usage monitor tool to track your daily usage. This is the official method for monitoring your data usage. Please note that although ACCC makes every effort to ensure the tool is accessible, the inability to access the data usage monitor tool is not a valid reason for exceeding your quota:

View your data usage at http://datausage.uic.edu (requires Bluestem login)

This Data Usage Monitor tool allows you to:

  1. View your current data usage
  2. View a history of your warnings/suspensions
  3. Configure SMS or email alerts to warn you when reach a specified level of data usage
  4. Request a one day exception to the data usage limit up to three times per semester for up to 100GB

Want to be warned when your data usage nears the maximum limit? The Current Data Usage page allows you to set an email and/or SMS text message warning when your usage reaches the level of your choice.

Need to download software that is over 6GB in size? Use this page to request an exception.

Please note that there may be a delay of as much as 15 minutes between the usage reported on the Current Data Usage web page and your actual current usage. In other words, if you have downloaded or uploaded anything in the last 15 minutes, it may not be reflected in the total yet because that data may not have finished processing. Finally, depending on the network protocols that you are using, file transfers (specifically, those using the TCP protocol) may not appear in your total until they finish. This means that if you use a protocol like SFTP to transfer a 500 MB file and it takes 35 minutes to transfer, then that 500 MB will not be added to your total until it is done transferring.

Please direct questions to the Client Services Office at 312-413-0003 or email resnetadmin@uic.edu.