Blackboard is running slowly

Application servers

Sometimes there is a particular Blackboard app server that is slow. Clearing your browser’s cookies can help switch you over to a different app server.

For an advanced explanation on clearing cookies/switching app servers, please see this video:

Please make sure to use as the URL for the UIC Blackboard site. The URL also works, but it is no longer our primary address.

Switching to may yield better performance results.

Reporting performance statistics

If you are still encountering problems after clearing your cache and cookies, please follow the steps below and send an email to with the information you receive.

  1. Navigate to this URL, Copy and paste all shown data in your reply.

  2. Navigate to this URL, click “Test Now” Copy and paste the results in your reply. This performance report will help us send a more detailed ticket to Blackboard Inc., our service provider.

Last updated: 

May 17, 2018