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The ACCC Backups for Servers, also known as Spectrum Protect, originally named ADSM and then Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), allows you to back up servers over the UIC campus network unattended and automatically. In the event of inadvertent deletion or hard disk failure backups can be used to restore your files.


Network Backup Service uses Spectrum Protect software which supports all modern versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux, and many obsolete or older versions and operating systems. You can easily set up automatic backups to run every night. Spectrum Protect runs in the background and should not affect the operation of your server if you happen to be using it while it is being backed up. However, files that you change while a Spectrum Protect backup is running will not be backed up.

You can begin by registering your node, setting your password, and gathering configuration information before moving onto either the Windows Backup Client installation instructions or the Mac OS X Client installation instructions.


The ACCC Network Backup Service is offered only for UIC campus servers.

Given the high volume of data that is transferred when using this service, backups can not be used from off-campus or from any type of outside connection. It may be used only with ethernet or UIC-WiFi connections on the Chicago UIC campus. The huge amount of data transferred during network backup makes it unusable over modem connections, or any type of DSL or cable connection, even if physically located on campus.


There is no charge for this service. If you are eligible to use the Network Backup Service, agree to the Network Backup Service policy and download Spectrum Protect client.

Further Information

  • Backup Status - a web application that shows you the date and time of last successful backup and allows you to sign up for daily email messages to keep you up to date with this information. 


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January 04, 2017