Backup Client Installation

There are some steps you need to perform before actually installing your client specific network backup client which include registering your node, setting up your password, and making sure you know what your personalized hostname is.

Registering your node

The network backup server requires a password to access your backed-up files which is separate from your UIC common password. This is to ensure that nobody except you can restore them. Use the Network Backup Service online registration to register (authentication with UIC NetID and password required). 

  1. You will be asked to authenticate yourself by entering your UIC NetID and ACCC common password.
  2. You will be asked to choose a password. This password is unique to this system and is not related to your other passwords.
  3. Follow all of the registration instructions, then close the new browser window and continue following the instructions below.

If your node name (which is your NetID - dot - adsm1) example1.adsm1 for example, is already registered, you won't have to re-register. What is your password in this case?

  • If you are installing the new version over your old one and if you previously used Password Generate, the stored password from your old version will also allow you to log into the new one.
  • Otherwise, while you are configuring your client, you will be asked to login. When the login dialog box opens, type your node name for your User ID, type your password, and click Login.


When would you need to change your password?

  • If you are uninstalling your previous version of the client software and you previously used Password Generate
  • If you have forgotten your password

In either case, you'll need to change it to something that you do know, because you will need it to login, at least initially. Go to the password change Web page to change it, which is available through our regular password change page. Don't worry; you'll use your UIC NetID and ACCC common password to log into the Backups for Servers password page; it won't matter whether you know your current password. After you change your password, stop and restart the Scheduler, so that it will use your new password for its scheduled backups.

Personalized Backup Server Hostname

Rather than have to ask people switch to new ACCC Network Backup Service servers again and again as we add new servers, we have given everyone their "own" server associated with their account, with a server hostname of the form:

Nodenames are of the form: NetID.adsm1, thus the server name for someone whose UIC NetID is example1 has a nodename of example1.adsm1 is:

Note that the .adsm1 has nothing to do with the number of the server you are using, it's the number of your account (in this case - 1). Don't remember what your nodename is? No problem; it's in your software's configuration under the General tab in the Preferences menu. The port in all cases is 1500.

Updating existing configuration

First, make sure you have the newest applicable version of the client for your operating system installed. (Some operating systems / servers require specific versions of the software.)

  1. Open the Backups for Server client.
  2. Open the Preferences from the Edit drop-down.
  3. Click on the Communication tab.
  4. Change your Server Address to and nodename is your NetID.adsm1 and change your Server Port to 1500.
    Windows Communication Preferences
    Mac Communication Preferences
  5. Restart either your computer, if you are using the Scheduler on Windows, or
    • Restart the Client Acceptor Daemon, as is done on Macs or if you are using the Client Acceptor Daemon on Windows.
    • Open the Tools for Administrators and select Stop the Client Acceptor Daemon. Wait for the dialog box saying that it has completed.
    • Open the Tools for Administrators again and select Start Client Acceptor Daemon.

Client specific information

We have separate sets of instructions for both Windows and Mac clients

Last updated: 

April 17, 2018