Restoring Files

We keep multiple copies of each file in the backups. So the first decision that you have to make, after you decide which files or folders you want to restore is whether you want to restore the most recent backup copy or the backup from some past date.

If you just deleted or messed up the files/folders today, then you want the most recent backup, which is called the active backup. These are the files that Backups for Servers restores by default. If this is what you want, then just open the Restore window, select the files or directories you want to restore and click Restore. Don't worry about dates.

If you have discovered that your files/folders were corrupted by a software bug or virus or your mistake some time ago, you should do a Point In Time backup, specifying a time that you know is before the corruption occurred. The example in the previous section is a Point in Time backup. You still don't really have to worry about dates, except for telling the client when the latest time you know the file was good.

You'll want to restore your whole disk when your hard drive dies or when you get a virus that totally trashes things, or if you'd like to use a backup to bring everything onto a new computer.

Client Instructions for File Restoration


Last updated: 

October 28, 2016