Blackboard Collaborate Best Practices

We recommend the following best practices to ensure you Blackboard Collaborate sessions run smoothly:

  • Instructors, moderators and presenters should *not* use Wi-Fi.  Instead, presenters are strongly advised to use a hardwired Internet connection, which are more reliable, faster and often have dedicated bandwidth associated with them.
  • Everyone should run the Bb Collaborate Audio Setup Wizard to make sure their computer speakers, headphones and microphones are working correctly. Headsets work best for presenters.  The Audio Wizard can be found under the Tools pull-down menu.
  • Only 1 presenter/moderation talk at a time. Even though there is an option for up to 6 simultaneous speakers at once you can experience feedback / echos when multiple microphones are turned on at the same time. The system supports up to six (6) people talking at the same time. Instructors and TAs can set the number of concurrent speakers in one of the advanced settings when you create a new session.
  • Advise the students to either ask questions/make comments using the text-chat.  If you let them ask questions/comments via microphone, advise them to switch to the text-chat which poses no technical requirements on people's computer's configurations.
  • We highly recommend for presenters, moderator and instructors to each use a second computer for feedback to see what the rest of the audience sees, how quickly the screen is refreshing for the audience, whether the screen size of the presenter needs to be adjusted (reduced) to minimize unnecessary scoring for the audience etc. Use the second feedback computer also to verify the sound of the speaker(s). Just lower the volume so you can barely hear in addition to seeing the volume meter. Using the feedback computer to see the text-chat questions and comments is also a good idea. 
  • Access to Web conference sessions can be granted to people outside of the Blackboard Learn site and to people without a UIC NetID and password by sharing with the desirable outsiders the meeting link. The meeting link can be obtained/copied by clicking "Send Email" immediately  after when a Web conference session is created. Copy the meeting link and paste it on an email message, anywhere on Blackboard or on any Web page.
Last updated: 

September 21, 2016