Collecting Student Submissions

BbL offers an Assignment tool that presents students with instructions and attached materials required for completing an assignment.  Students can submit typed or pasted comments and attach materials in response to the assignment. Text, Word (DOC or DOCX), Excel (XLS or XLSX), Power Point (PPT or PPTX), and PDF files can be viewed, annotated, and graded within BbL where students can also view the Instructor response and feedback.

Assignments can be created in any content container in BbL using the Assignment item in the Assessment drop down menu in the ribbon at the top of every content container in BbL.

Instructors can view assignment submissions through the Grade Center. Locate the column in the Grade Center associated with the assignment, click the chevron to the right of the assignment name and select Grade Attempts. This will open a page where instructors can review, grade, and comment on each student’s submission. 

Last updated: 

January 23, 2015