Connect Learnsmart

LearnSmart is an unparalleled, intelligent learning system based on cognitive mapping that diagnoses your students' knowledge of a particular subject then creates an individualized learning path geared towards student success in your course. It offers individualized assessment by delivering appropriate learning material in the form of questions at the right time helping students attain mastery of the content.

Connect Web

Blackboard Connect  will transform your communications, increasing your effectiveness both for emergency notifications and community outreach. Create and send messages faster than ever, and take more confidence in the relevance of your message. There’s never been an easier way to help keep your community safe and informed.

Connect Assignment

You can create a custom eBook for course readings or access media to support instruction. The available resources also include worksheets and a test bank to design assignments for students that can be linked in your Blackboard course, with the results included in the Grade Center.

Last updated: 

February 09, 2015