Copying Course Content from One Course to Another

1. In UIC Blackboard (, on the Home tab, under My Courses Plus, click the ORIGINAL COURSE—the course whose content you would like to copy.


2. In the course’s Course Management area, under Packages and Utilities, click Course Copy.


3. Under Select Copy Type, choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.


4. Under Select Copy Options -> Destination Course ID, click Browse.


5. Select the course into which you would like your content copied and click Submit.

6. Under Select Course Materials, click Select All. Make sure to deselect Announcements and any Content you DO NOT want copied over.

7. Under File Attachments, click “Copy links and copies of the content".

Note: If you are copying iSpring files, choose the third option instead, "Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course  home folder)".


8.  IMPORTANT: Under Enrollments, uncheck Include Enrollments in the Copy. [Checking Include Enrollments in the Copy enrolls your prior course’s students in your new course.].  Click Submit.

Blackboard will send you an email message when the course copy is complete.

Please note: If you have Sharestream media, you will need to transfer those files over separately.

Last updated: 

June 01, 2017