Blackboard Course Archiving

Every June, Blackboard courses that are over 3 years old are archived. Courses indicated as continuing, as work sites, and newer than three years to the present will be retained and excluded from the archiving process.

Courses will NOT be deleted, they will simply be removed from Blackboard and saved as files in an alternative place at UIC. Courses are available for restoration upon request.

Schedule of archiving:

  • June 2017 - courses created before Fall 2014 / before August 2014
  • June 2018 - courses created before Fall 2015 / before August 2015
  • June 2019 - courses created before Fall 2016 / before August 2016
  • June 2020 - courses created before Fall 2017 / before August 2017

Your Options:

Save your course to your own computer

Prior to any archiving taking place, you can save an entire course to your own computer. This allows the fastest access to the information within it, post-archiving. Having all the information on your computer means you can import the content to a new course, if necessary.

You must be an instructor for the course in order to archive it to your own computer. You can find instructions on how to archive your own course by using this link:

Request that your course be restored  

Faculty can request that any previously archived course be restored, as long as you are the instructor for the course being restored. Banner records will be used to determine access to the archived course by the requestor.

Here is what you can expect when requesting a course restoration:

  1. Complete the request form by providing your name and email address.
  2. LTS will send you a list of course names/ids that are associated with you.
  3. You choose the course(s) to be restored from the list provided.
  4. LTS will restore the requested course(s) to your Blackboard course menu.
  5. LTS will provide details of how you can access the newly restored course.

Please note that if the course is not associated with your netID, you must work with the program director to gain access to the course.

Please follow this link to begin the course restoration process.