Export Grades

Instructors have the ability to download Grade Center data as a delimited file that can be used in other applications such as Spreadsheet programs or statistical analysis programs. Instructors can select specific data to download, or download the complete Grade Center data set. Downloaded files can be saved on a local computer drive or in the Content System if it is available.

To download data from the Grade Center, follow these steps:

1. Click Manage in the Action Bar of the Grade Center.

2. Select Download from the Action Link menu.

3. Using the radio buttons, select the data to download.

4. Select the file delimiter, Comma or Tab.

Comma delimited files contain data surrounded by quotation marks (quote character) and have the file extension .csv. Comma delimited files will not open directly in Microsoft Excel.

Tab delimited files do not contain quote characters and have the file extension .xls. Tab delimited files will open directly in Microsoft Excel.

5. Select whether to Include Hidden Information in the downloaded data.

6. Select the location for the download. Files downloaded to My Computer will default to the Desktop. Files downloaded to the Content System need to be saved in a folder in the Content System. Click Browse to select the folder.

7. Click Submit to finish the download.

Last updated: 

January 30, 2015