Upload files from your computer and incorporate them in a course area.

Blackboard Learn supports the following image file types: GIF, JIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMF.

Options for image files in a course include:

  • Alt Text: Provide an alternate text phrase that explains the image and its purpose for those using screen readers.

  • Long Description: Provides a similar function to alt text, but the text description is longer and more detailed.

  • Dimensions: For images, the height and width in pixels should match the original image. If you need to resize the image, customize the dimensions, but keep the same ratio between height and width. For example, you can resize an image of 640 x 800 pixels to 320 x 400 pixels. Changing the ratio of the dimensions will make the image appear stretched.

  • Border: Include a solid black line, from one to four pixels in width, around the picture.

  • Target URL: Make the image a link by providing a target URL. When a user clicks the image, a new browser window will open to the URL

  • Open Target in New Window: Display the content in a new browser window.

Last updated: 

February 09, 2015