Instructor Access

How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my BbL course site?

A person in the Role of Instructor in a BbL course site can enroll anyone with an active UIC NetID in the course site as another Instructor, as a Teaching Assistant, or as a Course Builder.

  • Select Users and Groups under the Course Management Control Panel for a course site. Select Users from the items below Users and Groups to display the Users page.

  • Select Find Users to Enroll to display the Add Enrollments page.

  • Enter the UIC NetID of the person who is to be enrolled in this course site into the Username box.

  • Select Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Builder from the Role drop down menu as appropriate.

  • Do not select Browse (unless you want to search for a user’s NetID on another page).

  • Select Submit to enroll the NetID in the Username box into the course site.

How do I un-enroll an erroneous or inactive instructor from my BbL course site?

While only the Instructor controls the enrollment in a course site, an Instructor cannot directly un-enroll another Instructor. Nevertheless, an Instructor can always change the Role of anyone in a course site. Once the Role of an Instructor is changed to something else, the NetID of the user can be removed from the course site.

What are the meanings of the symbols in the Available column and to the right of the names of people on the Users page for my BbL course site?

  • The word Yes in the Available column means that the course site is available to the user (in the specified Role).

  • The word No in the Available column means that the course site is not available to the user.

  • A red circle with a white cross means that the user no longer has an active UIC NetID, and thus, cannot access UIC BbL services.

Last updated: 

September 21, 2016