Proper File Name Conventions

SafeAssign and many other Internet services take your files, process them, store them, and return them. You can never be sure of which file system processes the file names that you create. Some services, such as SafeAssign, consider a space in a file name as a separation between file names and essentially abbreviate (change) the name of your files. Other services use various keyboard symbols as signals to process files. In either case, you or the service might not recognize your file name and file once the processing is done. Make sure that you use file-system-neutral file and folder names by keeping in mind the following recommendations:

  • Use hyphens, underscores, plus signs, and periods to separate words in your file and folder names and to make them quickly readable.

  • Do not use spaces or keyboard symbols other than the four listed above in your file and folder names.

  • Use lower case file and folder names.

You can further protect your files submitted to your instructors from being accidentally overwritten by including your NetID and the date YYYYMMDD in your file and folder names.

Last updated: 

January 13, 2015