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Request a Non-CRN Ongoing Blackboard Learn Course Site or Work Site

Ongoing sites in Blackboard Learn are available to faculty and staff as:

  • collaborative work sites,
  • work areas to develop materials for courses taught by multiple instructors, and
  • templates with course materials for future course sites.

These sites provide access to the collaborative tools in Blackboard Learn, such as Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and other tools.

To request the creation of an ongoing work site or a non-CRN-based course site, please provide the information below. Please submit your request a week before the site is needed to ensure a timely setup. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Note: These sites should NOT be used for courses that are listed in Banner with a CRN. All CRN-based courses have course site shells automatically created for them before the beginning of each semester. Please email LTS@uic.edu if you are an instructor of a CRN-based course but do not see a site for your course in Blackboard.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.