Student Access

Why is it that some (all) of my students cannot see and access my BbL course site?

There are three reasons why students enrolled in a course cannot see the course site for that course:

  • Course availability to students has not yet been turned on by an instructor in the course site. Since course sites for most CRN-based courses are automatically created without availability to students, instructors must manually complete steps in order to make course available. To make your course available, see Course Enrollment and Availability.

  • The number has been deleted from the Course Name (e.g. ENGL 160 Academic Writing I (11462) 2014 Fall). The CRN associated with the Blackboard course is the CRN that students have registered for.  Therefore, if this number has been deleted or changed, students may not be correctly added to the Blackboard site. Students are automatically enrolled in a Blackboard course based on the CRN located inside the parentheses in the Course Name.

  • A Blackboard site may not have been created for your course. While a Blackboard site is automatically created for the majority of CRN-based courses, some may have been missed. If this is the case, contact

How are students enrolled in my BbL course site?

Students are automatically enrolled in CRN-based course sites based on the CRNs for their courses. An automated process examines student enrollments starting roughly two weeks before the official start of the term. This process runs daily, though it often takes a day or two for a student’s enrollment to pass through the University’s processing and to be picked up by the BbL enrollment processing.

There should be no need to manually enroll students if the CRN for your course (the CRN in the title of your course site, e.g. ENGL 160 Academic Writing I (11462) 2014 Fall) and the CRN in the Course ID of your course site all match - and each of your students has registered correctly for the course with that CRN. The Office of the Registrar discourages instructors from enrolling students in course sites for courses in which they are not enrolled.

How can I see all the students enrolled in my Blackboard class?

  • Select Users and Groups under the Course Management Control Panel for a course site.

  • Select Users from the items below Users and Groups to display the Users page.

If you do not see any users enrolled in your course, be sure that UIC NetID and Not Blank are selected in the search area, then select Go. You will now be able to see a full list of all user enrolled in your course.


How can I see the materials in my BbL course site after the semester?

Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Course Builders can view and change materials in their Blackboard course sites at any time before, during, and after the term in which the course was offered.

Students, however, are by default given access to their Blackboard course sites for only a week or two past the end of the semester. If a student needs material from a closed course site, instructors can reopen their courses as long as they are aware that this reopens the course site to all students that were enrolled.  An instructor may wish to place materials in a shared storage location, such as Box, instead.


Why don't I have access to content (adaptive release)?

If the Instructor or TA has created a content item but the students enrolled in the Blackboard course site are not able to access or see the content item, one of the following maybe the reason:

  1. The content availability or availability dates may be set incorrectly. Click on the Modify button next to the Content Item and make sure that the option, "Make the Content available" is set to "Yes" and also the option "Choose date and time restrictions" have the correct dates setup. If would not like to use the dates, then uncheck the two check boxes (Display After and Display Until) for this option.


    2. If the content item is present inside a folder, make sure to repeat the earlier step for all the parent folders for the item as well.

    3. Make sure that the settings in the Adaptive Release area of the content item is correct. Click on the Manage button next to the content item and click on "Adaptive Release:Advanced". If you see that a           rule exists and you do not want to use it, select the rule and click Remove.

Last updated: 

September 21, 2016