Viewing Survey Responses

In the latest version of BbL, Blackboard has designed Surveys to be Assessments that gather information from students anonymously without giving them a grade—even though a column appears is the Grade Center for each survey created. Nonetheless, Instructors cannot find anything about student responses by Viewing the Attempt of a student in the corresponding row of that column. Information about the survey results are found in the header of the column for the survey in the Grade Center. Instructors should place their cursor in the header of the column for a survey until a chevron in a gray circle appears. Selecting Attempt Statistics (after some students entered their responses) displays the aggregated results of the survey.

Instructors who are interested associating a grade with the submission of a survey should consider using an Anonymous Test. Tests can be made anonymous by selecting Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and the Grade Center under the Self-assessment Options on the Test Options page for a test deployed to a content container.

Last updated: 

January 23, 2015