Request a Box Team Folder

The purpose of Team Folders is to allow for business continuity when a user's affiliation with UIC expires.

Typically when a user's affiliation with UIC expires all folders and files they own become unavailable to all collaborators, negatively impacting business. 

With a Team Folder however, our system will automatically contact all co-stewards prior to the primary steward's affiliation expiration date and ask one of them to become the new primary steward. Our system does not allow primary or co-stewardship to be held by a non-UIC user.

You can still make non-UIC users co-owners of a Team Folder. If you add a UIC co-owner to a Team Folder they will automatically become a co-steward in our system. Note that it is not possible to determine the primary steward of a Team Folder from within Box - that information is stored by us internally.

(this can be changed later)
Include Steward NetID. Steward must have a staff or faculty affiliation.
List any Co-Steward's NetIDs separated by commas