View of Burnham Hall B10

During Summer 2009, the Office of Campus Learning Environments (OCLE) managed the renovation of Burnham Hall room B10. This room had previously been a simplified multimedia classroom, with a mobile multimedia cart. The result of the summer project was a fully multimedia classroom with three digital projectors, two CopyCams for image capture of whiteboard content, and a physical setup that allows for a totally new type of learning environment. The environment emphasizes a informal setting with the simplest possible transition between lecture content and small group work. For more details on the design of the classroom, and its various capabilities, view some of the content below:

For instructions on how to use the various features of this classroom (including how to use the CopyCams to capture whiteboard content), please view the BH B10 classroom page.

These instructional videos can be helpful to introduce the instructor to the unique capabilities of this LearnLab classroom.

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August 26, 2012