Proof-of-Concept Multimedia System

AV Concept System - Front

UIC Proof-of-concept Multimedia System

Since last summer, ACCC has been working to develop a new audio-visual standard for the UIC learning environments.  Changes enacted with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010 have prompted a need to provide fully accessible systems in as many locations as possible.  Additionally, audio-visual technology has come a long way since our current standard system was designed.  This combination of factors provided a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive new audio-visual system, with the flexibility to serve us well for the next several years.

The result of this hard work is now installed in Student Center East room 408, and is ready for use!  Here are some of the highlights for this new system:

  • ADA compliance for instructors/presenters, including:
    • Powered height-adjustable worksurface, ranging from sitting to standing height
    • All user-interface components within ADA guidelines for reach distances
    • ADA-compliant width and depth under the worksurface for knees/etc
  • ADA compliance for students, in the form of an installed Assistive Listening System.
  • A vastly simplified system from a hardware perspective.
    • The system eliminates several pieces of hardware, and consolidates many features into a single piece of hardware.
    • This results in significant energy savings and less heat generation.
    • All audio wiring is for balanced audio, which helps eliminate interference.
    • The resulting wiring configuration is also substantially simplified.
    • These changes enhance ease of service in the event of an issue.
    • The added benefit of these changes is increased reliability, due to a reduced risk of hardware failure. This reduces system downtime, to keep the technology working for the users.
  • From the user perspective, several things have also changed:
    • There is a significantly increased worksurface to utilize for class materials, laptops, etc.
    • The touch control panel has an enhanced interface providing many useful features including:
      • A cleaner, crisper, more modern interface theme
      • Improved system feedback to help make it clear to users when they need to do something (e.g. notification when the computer or the Blu-Ray player is turned off and needs to be turned on to be used)
      • Limited control capabilities for UICast Lecture Capture appliances
      • Individual control of audio (source vs wired microphone vs wireless microphone) with individual mutes
      • Display of time and date
      • Display of support phone number
    • There is now built-in Blu-Ray playback support
    • There is now an HDMI connection available for external input, along with VGA and RCA
    • There is a wired network connection available for users' laptops/mobile devices if needed
    • There is a full-sized keyboard and mouse available on a pull-out tray below the worksurface
    • The entire system runs at full 1080p HD resolution, providing amazing crisp displays.
    • With the exception of the VGA and RCA external connections, the entire system is fully digital from beginning to end, resulting in the highest quality image possible

Overall, this system brings together ADA compliance and state-of-the-art multimedia technology, to provide users with an integrated, easy-to-use instructional media system today and in the future.

Here are some further images of the system, more are coming, so please check back!

AV Concept System - Right Rear view  AV Concept System - Left View  AV Concept - Logo View  AV Concept - Worksurface View  AV Concept - Keyboard View  AV Concept - Control View

Last updated: 

July 25, 2014