Team Based Classrooms (TBC)

Overall view of Taft Hall 120

In the first half of 2012, the Office of Campus Learning Environments and the Academic Computing and Communications Center renovated Taft Hall rooms 100 and 120, bringing support for a new pedagogy: active, or team-based, learning. For more information on this popular pedagogy, please visit the Team Based Learning Collaborative website.

These two classrooms have many exciting features, including:

  • an Integrated Multimedia Lectern (IML) with:
    • Built-in PC
    • Document Camera
    • DVD/VHS Player
    • Laptop connectivity
    • Auxiliary input connectivity
    • Lighting controls
  • Two digital projectors with the capability to show discrete images (two different sources, one on each projector)
  • 8 tables with:
    • 6 moveable chairs at each
    • 2 laptops permanently placed on the table (one on each side of 3 seats)
    • 40" LCD panel at the end of each, connected to the two laptops to allow either laptop to show its display to the whole table
  • Classroom management software that allows the instructor to lock out the screens of all of the laptops, show their PC's display to all laptops, or choose the display of one of the laptops to display through one or both digital projectors and/or to all other laptops.  There are several videos that may prove useful in utilizing this software:



Furniture Layout of Taft Hall 100 and 120Instructor Perspective of TH 100/120Instructor Station in Taft Hall 100/120Alternate View of Taft Hall 100/120

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July 30, 2015