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Cisco Webex Meetings is a multi-functional video and audio conference web application. This conferencing system combines web-based meetings with integrated collaboration tools such as whiteboard, chat, and screen share. Webex also accommodates users who only need telephone conferencing. While hosts need a Webex account to initiate meetings, participants are not required to have an account.

  • To auto-create a Webex account visit uichicago.webex.com
    • When you login for the first time with your UIC netid and password, your account will be created and you will be able to immediately initiate meetings directly from your computer or mobile device.
    • Webex accounts are designated for faculty and staff.


Cisco Webex Meeting Center recreates face-to-face meetings with real-time data, application, voice and video sharing capabilities:

  • Schedule, host, and attend video and audio meetings
  • Connect with video and online chat
  • Share application, documents, video, multimedia files, and web browsers
  • Use online whiteboards and make annotations
  • Talk through your computer, landline, or mobile device
  • Integrate with Outlook and other calendar applications
  • Join on-the-go with your mobile device
  • Record a meeting or session *

* In order to comply with Illinois law, hosts that intend to record a Webex meeting must state that intention in both the meeting invite (e.g. Exchange invite) and at the start of the meeting before they turn on recording.

Requirements for audio-only meetings

  • To auto-create a Webex account visit uichicago.webex.com (only for hosts)
  • Telephone or headset with microphone

Requirements for web-based Meetings

  • To auto-create a Webex account visit uichicago.webex.com (only for hosts)
  • Operating system
    • Mac - OS 10.7 or newer
    • PC - Windows 7 or newer
    • Linux is not supported by Webex and it will not work for hosting meetings
  • Browser
    • JavaScript and cookies enabled
    • Windows
      • Google Chrome:  23+
      • Mozilla Firefox:   10+
      • Internet Explorer: 8+
    • Mac
      • Google Chrome: 23+
      • Mozilla Firefox: 10+
      • Apple Safari: 6.1.5+
  • Broadband/high speed internet (1.5mbps minimum/3mbps preferred)
  • HD/HQ webcam (for video conference capabilities)
  • Audio Options
    • Telephone
    • Headset with microphone
    • Computer speakers (non-speaking participants only)


This tool is part of the Basic Service Bundle provided by ACCC. There is no additional charge for this service.

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