Data Usage Monitoring

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There are daily data usage limitations on the use of Res-Net and the UIC public wireless networks on campus, as well as other restrictions, which are described in UIC Wireless and Res-Net Policy.


The ACCC uses data from the campus network routers to monitor data usage on the campus wired and wireless networks for all computers on the UIC campus. Traffic on your local network, network traffic to/from other UIC computers, and network traffic to/from UIUC or UIS do not apply to UIC data usage limitations and are not included in the usage calculations.

The UIC Data Usage Monitor is a web application that allows you to view your data usage as calculated by the ACCC. This is the official method for monitoring your usage. Please note that although the ACCC makes every effort to maintain the availability of its services, your inability to access the Data Usage Monitor is not a valid reason for exceeding your usage quota

You can also use the Data Usage Monitor to:

  • Request to receive an email and/or text message warning when your data usage reaches the level of your choice.
  • Request an exception when you need to download files exceeding the daily data usage quota.


A UIC NetID and common password are required to log into the Data Usage Monitor.


There may be a delay of as much as 15 minutes between the usage reported by the Data Usage Monitor and your actual usage. In other words, if you have downloaded or uploaded anything in the last 15 minutes, it may not be reflected in the total on the Web page because that data may not have been processed yet.

And, depending on what network protocols you are using, file transfers (specifically, those using the TCP protocol) may not appear in your total until they finish. This means that if you use a protocol like SFTP to transfer a 500 MB file and it takes 35 minutes to transfer, then that 500 MB would not be added to your total until the transfer is completed.


There is no charge for this service.


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