Directory Services


The UIC Directory is an online directory of current UIC students, faculty and staff. The Directory also includes a complete listing of campus units and unit rosters.


Information in the UIC Directory can be accessed or updated using:

  • Find People search - a directory of UIC faculty, staff and students
  • Departments A-Z search - a listing of UIC departments, colleges and unit rosters, including information about Webmasters, Phonebook Contacts and REACH representatives
  • Liaison Manager - search for UIC Liaisons by UIC NetID, DNS zone or campus unit
  • Mailing Labels - select groups of people to create mailing labels (access limited to campus)
  • Personal website URL - list your personal website in your UIC Phonebook entry

Most email clients can be configured to use the UIC Campus Email Directory (LDAP) to search for email addresses by name. 

Phonebook contacts

Designated Phonebook Contacts can make changes online:

  • PbUpdate - update employee affiliations, titles, phone numbers
  • DeptUpdate - update department listings as displayed in Departments A-Z search

Delegate authority

Delegate authority in each campus unit can update UIC Liaisons (REACH, Phonebook contacts, Network Security, EcoReps and Webmasters) by using the Liaison Manager.



Directory entries for students, including UIC NetIDs, are generated automatically upon admission to UIC.

Faculty, staff and external affiliates

Directory entries for faculty, staff and external affiliates are created by designated Phonebook Contacts. To locate the Phonebook Contact for a particular campus unit, see the Departments A-Z unit listing.


There is no charge for this service.


Further Information 

ACCC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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2-4 business days.

Incident Resolution Time

2 business days.

Service Availability 24x7
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REACH distribution email list.
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Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review.