Microsoft Outlook Tutorials

The following Microsoft tutorials provide information about moving from one system to another.

Outlook 2010 for Windows users

What’s new in Outlook 2010: Overviews of new features in Outlook 2010 for Windows.

Email features

  • Tame your Inbox. Organize messages by conversation Training Ever wish you had a smarter, handier way to arrange your Outlook Inbox? Now, learn how Date (Conversations) can simplify and clarify your view.
  • Use e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010. Learn how to use e-mail signatures. This course shows you how to create signatures, use handwritten signatures, pictures, and complex layouts.
  • Use electronic business cards in Outlook 2010. Learn how to create electronic business cards. This course shows you how to edit and format them, and use downloadable card templates. 

Calendar features

Learn how to use the Outlook 2010 calendar to create appointments and meetings, set recurrence, tasks and reminders, and create all-day events.

Outlook 2011 for Mac users

This tutorial series introduces some of the tasks and features that you will use most often:

Using One Inbox
How to view messages from multiple e-mail accounts in your Outlook inbox.

Organizing Messages by Conversations
How to view all messages that have the same subject together, no matter which folder they’re in.

Preview Attachments
How to view picture and document attachments right from the message in Outlook.

See Your Calendar in e-mail Invitations
Watch this short video for an overview of how to check your calendar while viewing an e-mail meeting invitation.

Sync Outlook calendars with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod
Want a mobile version of your Outlook calendar on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Watch this video to learn how.



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July 12, 2012