GoogleApps Accessibility

GoogleApps@UIC has multiple ways that it can be accessed depending on your needs.

What should I do for GoogleApps@UIC access if I have a disability?

Use the HTML version of Gmail

Use the HTML version of Gmail on the Web. You can get there from a link at the very bottom of the Standard version the Gmail Web page, or use this direct URL: 
(Note the "/h/" at the end of the URL.)

Use your current email program with Gmail

If set up that way, Gmail is fully compatible with accessing by personal computer or mobile device email programs, such as Outlook or Thunderbird. If you are comfortable with one of them, by all means, set your program up to do your GoogleApps@UIC Gmail email. Please see Using Email Other Programs and Devices for instructions. (But not if your "other program" UIC's Webmail; you can't use that with Gmail.)

Use Outlook for Email and Calendar

Use Outlook for GoogleApps@UIC Gmail and Google Apps Calendar; Outlook is well suited for blind and low-vision people.

Google's Accessibility Documentation

Google also has a page called Using Google products: How to use accessibility features. It has links to pages on for blind and low-vision users and others for deaf and hard of hearing users.

What do I need to do as an instructor?

If you are an instructor or UIC service provider, please note you are legally prohibited from requiring use of non-accessible services.  This may well include some GoogleApps@UIC services other than Gmail.


  • When deciding on technologies for your course, you are obligated by law and by decency to consider the accessibility barriers of the tools you will use and what types of disabilities may be effected by their use. Do not allow any of your students to be left out by commission or by omission.
  • If you decide to use Google Apps, make sure that your audience has available use of alternative, accessible software. 
  • Consider a change in pedagogy to include small group participation, eliminating the need for a person with a disability to interact directly with a Google app.

There is also information of interest to instructors and researchers on the Google Accessibility Web site. (This link is to the home page, the one above is to its how-to section.)

Last updated: 

April 19, 2013