Google Groups

This page is a very brief introduction to Groups in GoogleApps@UIC.  

New Google Groups must be requested via email to email to Include the name of the group, the name and NetID of the group's owner and a description of what the list is for.  It is helpful to include some alternative names in case the name you want is already taken.  Once a UIC Google Group has been created, you will not be allowed to change its name.  This is to prevent problems in sending and receiving email by the group.

Your Google Group Page

  • The usual way to go to a group in Google Apps is to click Groups from the main menu on any GoogleApps@UIC web page.
  • Or you can go to your personal Google Group page directly, at

Click Help on the upper right of your Google Groups screen to go to the Google Help Center, with a highlighted link to the Google Groups Help Center.

How do I...

How do I create and share a Google calendar with a Google Group?

Does everyone in my group need to have a Google account? Not to do the basics; Google's Using Google Groups with a Google Account has more information.

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September 21, 2016