Google Sites

Google Sites allow you to create Web sites to share information with your choice of people. Individuals or team members can work together to upload group documents, add comments, group calendars, photos, and videos to the Site. See site examples and take a quick tour of the Web site service. Google's support page for Google Sites explains how to use it. Note that you must have a GoogleApps@UIC account to create or edit a GoogleApps@UIC Site.

To Create a Site

To get started, go to the GoogleApps@UIC sites page. You will create a Site name, Site category, and Site description.

To Build a Site

A full explanation of details ranging from customization tips to embedding objects to managing your account are available in the Google Sites Help Center.

Changing Settings and Appearance

After your site has been created, click More actions in the upper right corner, then select Manage Site. You can use the Tabs on the left under Site Appearance to change the site's appearance. Google Sites has a lot of very nice templates. You can select one, if you wish, but if you don't like any of them, you can create your own. This will allow you to create a site that looks exactly like you want it to look. Use the Page Templates tab of Manage Sites.

Who can view my GoogleApps@UIC Site?

You can share your Site with as many or as few of people as you wish; it's up to you. When you create your Site, you will be asked who you would like your Site to "collaborate with". Here you can choose to share your Site with everyone, everyone in the GoogleApps@UIC domain, or specify individuals or Google Groups that you want to view your Site. When you are viewing the site, click More actions in the upper right corner, then select Manage Site and click the Sharing tab to edit privacy and sharing settings after the Site has been created.

Limitations on Site Contents

All Site content must adhere to University policy. These include the Acceptable Use Policy and other ACCC Policies. It is the Site owner's responsibility to maintain and update Site content. If you discover inappropriate or out of date content, contact the Site owner directly to discuss the issue. If the problem persists, send a message to the

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April 14, 2013