New Student Orientation

ACCC partners with the UIC Orientation Program (Student Development Services) to expose new students to the technology and computing resources available at UIC. Prior to their on-campus Orientation date, students activate their UIC NetID and establish email routing and password management tools. Orientation seeks to jump-start students' awareness of the numerous offerings available to students at UIC. For ACCC, this means exposing students to current technologies, facilities, services, policies and help resources.

Students attend an ACCC Services overview, just one of many Orientation Program components that showcases resources and tips crucial to their future academic success. Opportunities to update their NetID credentials, ask questions and utilize public computing labs are plentiful. This service overview and hands-on effort reinforces usage, policy and procedure, preparing each student for independent use of computing resources. 

Students admitted for fall terms Orientation sessions in May, June and July. Student admitted for spring terms attend Orientation sessions in December and January. Attendees must be newly admitted freshmen, transfer or re-admitted students. Contact the Student Development Services office to determine eligibility to attend an Orientation session. 


Last updated: 

September 21, 2016