Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems (SRS)

Learning Technology Solutions can help you explore and get started using various SRS solutions. The information below lists systems that have been used at UIC in the past. You can decide which option is best for your class environment. Our recommendation is to have the software for the SRS installed on your laptop and bring your laptop to the presentation room. The software needed to use SRS is not currently available on the computers in the lecture halls.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response system lets you embed interactive activities directly into your presentation. There is no software to download. The audience responds on the web using any device or via SMS texting on a phone. Choose from a large variety of poll activities, including multiple choice, open response, live word clouds, clickable images, up- and down-voting for Q&A, and rank order.

ACCC-LTS is currently conducting an extended trial on the premium higher education edition, which allows large numbers of participants and LMS integration. If you would like to become part of the trial email This will create a support ticket, and an LTS representative will send you an invite to use the ACCC-LTS account.

Poll Everywhere Documentation


iClicker is a classroom response system that instantly provides feedback from the students and posts the students answers to the questions posed by their instructor(s). iClicker allows faculty to engage students through pre-selected questions or ad-hoc questions that are asked during class. Students with iClicker devices or with smart phones/tablets/laptops and the iClicker Cloud/Reef app can then answer the questions and have their responses recorded using the provided software.

iClicker Cloud (Formerly Reef Polling)

iClicker also offers iClicker Cloud on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Students do not have to purchase the more expensive iClicker remote, if the instructor allows it. Consult the iClicker website to learn how to register an account.

MacOS Sierra - iClicker Documentation and Software Downloads for Instructors:

If you will be using iClicker Classic on a Mac computer with macOS Sierra installed, use the following instructions for installation. iClicker has confirmed that there is a known issue with the iClicker installer for macOS Sierra. In order for it to work correctly some additional steps will need to be taken.

  1. Access and download the iClicker Classic software for Mac. The download of a .dmg file will begin. Once it has completed downloading, double click the .dmg file to mount it. It will then look like a removable USB drive.
  2. Create a new folder on your Mac to house the iClicker software.
  3. Copy and paste the “” file from the .dmg location into your new folder.
  4. Double click the application in your new folder (NOT from within the .dmg location). This will run the software and populate your new folder with all requisite folders for Resources, Classes, etc.
  5. Download the LMS_Wizard.xml file and place it into the new Resources folder that was created in step four.

iClicker Documentation and Software Downloads for Instructors:

iClicker Documentation for Students

Turning Technologies

TurningPoint is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that allows students to participate in real-time using their own device. A variety of interactive polling options are available to meet the unique needs of each and every instructor. TurningPoint offers one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application and self-paced polling. TurningPoint can also integrate directly into your Blackboard courses, allowing students to register their devices with their username so that you can score and upload their poll responses into your Grade Center.

TurningPoint is available for Mac or PC. Software is translated for Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. In order to fully utilize TurningPoint software, a Turning Technologies account will need to be created and a subscription is required.

Turning Technologies Documentation and Software Downloads

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May 22, 2018