Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP)

The new Lecture Capture experience

Now featuring polling, discussions and online presentations, as well as student activities, study guides and online notes.

Since 2009, ACCC has provided all faculty and instructors with an easy-to-use lecture capture tool called Echo360, now deployed in over 100 classrooms on campus. In the Spring 2018, the entire campus upgraded to Echo360’s new Active Learning Platform. This new software will feature integrated student polling, discussions, and study guides that will allow students to become actively engaged in the learning process before, during, and after class.

If you have already been using lecture capture in your classroom, you now have more ways to interact with your students. Consult the frequently asked questions below, or contact ACCC Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) at to help you get up and running in your classroom.

The Echo360 ALP Dashboard

Echo 360 Screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out more?

  • Watch the webinar recording: to learn about the new features of Echo360 ALP, and how the integration with Blackboard will change the viewing experience for students and instructors.

How will I get my lecture recorded with the new platform?

  • This process has not changed. You will either work with your unit’s Echo360 admin or continue using the Request Lecture Capture form, as you have before.

How will students access my captures in Blackboard?

  • In order for students to access the Echo360 ALP content for a course, you must add a Content link to the Echo360 ALP external tool, then connect your Echo360 ALP section to that link. The Echo360 ALP tool must be added through the Assessments menu on the Content page to enable student participation statistics to be sent to the Grade Center. To learn more about adding the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content click here.

How do I connect my Echo360 ALP section to a Blackboard content link?

How do I add my presentation to a class, in order for students to view it online?

Last updated: 

July 23, 2018