How to configure and use RDG for your machine

These are instructions for service testing and will be modified accordingly.  

Configuring the Windows built-in remote desktop client to use a remote desktop gateway.

1.  Open the Windows built-in remote desktop client.

2.  In the "Computer Name" field, type the fully qualified domain name of the machine you want to connect to (eg.

3.  Click on "Show Options"

4.  Click on the "Advanced" tab.


5.  Click on "Settings"


6.  Click on "Use These RD Gateways Server Settings".


7.  In the "Server" field, type "" (without quotes).

NOTE: You can optionally check "Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer" if you log into that machine using your netID.  Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your crendials to log into the machine.

8.  Click "OK".

9.  Click "Connect".

10.  You will be prompted to enter your username/password. 

NOTE: If you did not check the optional box from step 7, you'll need to enter your credentials twice; once using your netID to authenticate with the remote desktop gateway server and once to connect to the machine you're trying to connect to.  Be sure to enter your username in the form of "AD\net id" (without quotes) when using your netID.  The first username/password you enter should always be for your netID.  

Configuring the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for macOS to use a Remote Desktop Gateway

1. Install the free Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store 

2. Open the app, and click skip on the splash screen, then click "Add Desktop". Click the "Show More" button in the lower left.

3. Input the hostname or IP address of the remote Windows PC you want to connect to. 

4. If you'd like to add a user account, in the drop down select "Add User Account...", else, leave this setting at "Ask me every time" and skip to step 6. 

5. In the username and password fields, enter your UIC netid with "ad\" prefixed, then your common password and click "Save"

6. Under the General Tab, click "Add Gateway..." in the gateway dropdown menu.

7. Input "" for the server address, and if you added your user account in step 5, choose that netid for the User Account field. Click Save.

8. Click Save again to finish adding the remote desktop to the app. Double click the icon for your newly created remote desktop connection. If you selected "Ask me every time" in either step 4 or 7, you will be prompted to enter your UIC netID and common password.

NOTE: You also might be prompted to check the security certificate for the connection, insure you are connecting to the correct machine by clicking Show Certificate in the prompt. You can then add this certificate to your Keychain to trust it indefinitely (requires admin privileges) and hide the prompt, or you can trust it one time by clicking Continue.

Last updated: 

September 04, 2018