ONE.UIC Request Form

ONE.UIC is a mobile friendly discovery tool meant to make the search and launch of campus services, tools and resources as easy as “search, click, done.” It functions similar to an app for services of use to UIC students, faculty and staff, by providing an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use portal.

Select all that apply
1 - 3 sentences is typically sufficient. This information will appear in the description section of the service, tool or resource on ONE.UIC.
Is a login required to access the service, tool or resource?
An encrypted connection requires an individual to be physically present on campus, or connect through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to access the web page.
Select the most appropriate category.
You must provide one or more points of contact for support inquiries (email, phone number or website).
Separate multiple task centers by comma delimited formatting.

What is a Task Center? A Task Center is a group of similar services, tools, or resources that are visually grouped together into a sub-category folder. This could also be department or organization specific. For example:

  • Email & Calendaring (Exchange Online, Gmail, Google Calendar, Listserv, UIC Events Calendar, etc.)
  • UIC Human Resources (SURS, NESSIE, HR Calendar, etc.) 

Task Center Screenshots