On-Site Support

Category: Help
Audience: Faculty, Staff


ACCC technicians will perform service calls to machines in campus offices.


  • Consult departments with staff machine replacement options.
  • Troubleshoot a hardware or software problem.
  • Install and/or configure supported software.
  • Fix, install, and/or configure hardware such as hard drives, keyboards, memory, etc.


In order to provide the best level of service, we recommend purchasing standard configurations that can be directly serviced and repaired by ACCC technicians.  These configurations can be found on our custom CDWG web site at http://cdwg.com/accc.  We can also assist with the repair and support of Apple computers.


Although we can install them, we do not sell hardware such as memory, hard drives, etc. We can, however, try to recommend a vendor, brand, features, etc.


We charge $55 per hour (or part thereof) for service calls, with a minimum charge of 1 hour, payable through an Miscellaneous Stores/Service Requisition voucher that must be ready when one of our consultants arrives.


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Further Information 

ACCC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Request Fulfillment Time


Within 1 Business Day

Incident Resolution Time

Varies depending on the severity level of the technical issue, availability of the staff/faculty member, their machine, and time needed to resolve the technical (hardware, software or both) issue and if replacement hardware parts are required.

Service Availability Monday through Friday between 9:00am - 4:00pm (excluding holidays)
Maintenance Window(s)


There are no maintenance windows

Service Notification Channel(s)

ACCC News and Alerts​, REACH

Reviewed to Ensure SLA Meets Business Requirements

Provisional SLA

Date Reviewed

Provisional SLA