ACCC transitioned to a new pilot with Wepa as of June 26th, 2018. Printing with Ink is no longer available. If you have questions about any remaining balance that you added to Ink, please see our current answer on What happens to my Ink funds?

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Starting Summer 2018, ACCC is piloting a new printing solution through a partnership with Wepa! Read more about this exciting new approach to printing!

U-Print is the campus-wide printing system. U-Print is available in ACCC computer labs and in certain department locations. You can also use U-Print to print from your personal computer or mobile device, making it easy to print when you want, and where you want.


  • Documents can be sent to the U-Print system using your personal computer, mobile device, or an ACCC lab computer.
  • U-Print is a print-on-demand system - the job is printed only when you release it from a U-Print station.
  • Privacy is not compromised; you are there to pick the job up when it prints, so job output doesn't collect at the printer.
  • There are several U-Print printer locations in ACCC labs and other colleges. A color printer is located in SCE 401.
  • Valuable resources (paper and toner) as well as wear-and-tear on the printer are significantly reduced.
  • U-Print is integrated with UIC's Dragon Dollar$ program. Additional funds for printing can be made available online or via a service center.


In order to utilize Dragon Dollar$ funds to cover printing costs in excess of the ACCC-issued quota, a user must have been issued a physical UIC i-card. The Dragon Dollar$ account is created when the i-card is issued and is checked each time a user logs into a U-Print release station. The login attempt will fail if the Dragon Dollar$ account doesn't exist. Be sure to visit the UIC ID Center to obtain the i-card. (ID cards from UIUC and UIS will not suffice; a UIC i-card must be issued.)


A valid UIC NetID and Common password are required to use U-Print.

Departmental Printing:

Departments that wish to make U-Print-based printing available to students within department-controlled spaces may contact ACCC via the email address below to work out a solution that meets their needs.


One of the main goals of U-Print is to reduce waste. To support your need to print and to limit waste, we provide a limited amount of printing at no cost to you.

At the beginning of each semester, your U-Print balance is set to a credit of $15.00. If you use up this credit, any additional printing must be paid for with Dragon Dollar$. The semester is defined as the period between the week before classes start until the week before the next semester starts. If there is any remaining balance of the original $15.00 at the end of the semester, it does not get carried over to the next semester.

The charges for printing are as follows:

A page is defined as a printed side and a sheet is defined as a physical piece of paper.

Cost per page Black and white Color
Single-sided (simplex) $0.08 per page $0.80 per page
Double-sided (duplex) $0.03 per page ($0.06 per sheet) $0.30 per page ($0.60 per sheet)

For example:

  • 5 page document printed simplex (5 sheets of paper) will cost $0.40 (5 x $0.08)
  • 5 page document printed duplex (3 sheets of paper) will cost $0.15 (5 x $0.03)


Phone 312-413-0003 Option 1

Further Information 

ACCC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Request Fulfillment Time

Requesting departmental Printing service(s) are 10-15 business days. Submitting a print job is immediate fulfillment.

Incident Resolution Time

Local printer incident, within one business day (unless escalation to vendor is required) with continued ability to utilize an alternative printing location.  Printing system incident, within one business day (unless escalation to vendor is required).

Service Availability Printing availability is based on location, some locations are available 24x7.
Maintenance Window(s) Academic calendar break periods.
Approved ACCC maintenance window(s):
Service Notification Channel(s) ACCC News and Alerts:
Reviewed to Ensure SLA Meets Business Requirements

Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review.

Date Reviewed

Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review.