Beginning June 14th, ACCC will be transitioning from the pilot with Ink, to a new pilot with Wepa. The timeline for the transition is as follows:

  • A majority of Ink print stations will be uninstalled June 14th and 15th. At least one station will remain in each building covered by the pilot
  • New Wepa stations will be delivered and installed June 19th through 22nd. During this time, Ink will remain the default print option in the pilot locations.
  • On June 25th, the default print option will change over to Wepa, and the remaining Ink stations will be disconnected and removed.

During this transition, the university will also be updating the Dragon Dollar$ system, which will impact the ACCC-provided printing quota. Beginning June 21st, the ACCC quota will be moved to the Dragon Dollar$ system. The value remains the same at $15, and will now be shared across both U-Print and the Wepa pilot.

ACCC and Ink Labs have expanded the scope of the pilot program for the Spring 2018 semester to include the Richard J. Daley Library, adding 17 Ink Smart Stations! These stations are distributed throughout the building - bringing printing to the 3rd floor and adding print stations on every floor!

Also new for the Spring 2018 semester are several enhancements to the Ink printing service, based on feedback received from students during the first semester of the pilot:

  • Submitting print jobs from installed computers is now streamlined and does not prompt you to enter your UIC credentials!

  • The link between your UIC Ink account and your iCard is now made automatically, eliminating the need to enter your UIC credentials at the print stations. Now you can just activate your account by visiting or submitting a print job, and then walk up to an Ink station, swipe your iCard, and create a 6-digit PIN!

  • The workflow for printing jobs at the stations has been improved, reducing the time spent at the station before printing starts!

  • The default print settings have been set to black & white and duplex, though color printing remains available at every Ink station!

  • Hardware and software updates have been made to reduce the occurrence of jams, improving the availability of stations!

Finally, the $10 promotional credit has been reset for the new semester!


ACCC and Ink Labs launched a pilot program of Ink Smart Stations at UIC in Fall 2017. You can print on any of them from your personal laptop, a campus lab computer in the pilot locations, or directly from the stations themselves by simply connecting a USB flash drive or one of your cloud storage accounts.


  • Printer: Create or share a print job from any device and release it at any Ink Smart Station.
  • Photo: Enjoy your memories in dazzling quality. Print images from Instagram, Facebook, your phone or the cloud at the BSB Learning Center station. 
  • Copy: Copy any document at an Ink Smart Station and save to the cloud for later access.
  • Fax: Instead of tracking down a fax machine, send files from the web portal or directly from the Ink Smart Station.  
  • Scan: Scan a document at any Ink Smart Station and save, send or share. 
  • Mail: Use the web portal to select a document, tell us where to send it and a physical print will be delivered through the US mail. 
  • Sign: Digitally sign original or previously scanned documents using the Ink web portal and save, fax, mail or print at any Ink Smart Station.
  • Cloud Drives: Smart cloud storage allows you to save files created through the Ink experience for later reference or use.


Ink Smart Stations are located in four buildings on campus:

  • ** NEW for Spring 2018 ** Richard J. Daley Library (LIB)
    • 9 stations on first floor
    • 4 stations on second floor
    • 2 stations on third floor
    • 2 stations on fourth floor
  • Library of the Health Sciences (LHS)
    • 2 stations on first floor
    • 1 station on second floor
  • Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB)
    • 2 stations in B001 computer lab on basement level
    • 3 stations in Learning Center on first floor
  • Thomas Beckham Hall classroom annex
    • 1 station in lobby

How to Print

  • At an Ink Station: Use a USB flash drive, or connect your Cloud Storage services like Google Drive or Box to print directly at a station!
  • From lab computers: The installed computers in Daley Library, LHS and BSB have Ink printing added to them so you can File -> Print from them as you have in the past with the U-Print system.
  • From the web: Use the web portal to submit jobs, view your transaction history, and more!:
  • From your laptop: Visit the web portal and click on File -> Print in the upper right to download the Ink print software to your Windows or Mac laptop!
  • From any device: Attach a document in an email from your UIC email address to

When first using an Ink Smart Station, you will be prompted to swipe your iCard and then create a 6-digit PIN. After this, you will be able to log in to the Ink Smart Stations by just swiping your iCard and entering your PIN.

If you are a guest, simply create a new account via the Ink Smart Station screen or


Printing on Ink Smart Stations uses Ink Funds. As part of the pilot program, your Ink Funds balance is set to a credit of $10.00 at the start of each semester. The standard print quota and your DragonDollar$ accounts are not integrated with Ink at this time, though those funding sources can continue to be used at U-Print locations. Additional funds can be added for Ink with a credit/debit card once the $10 credit has been depleted. More information about printing funds

Note: Ink features smart print pricing - a document printed in Color will only charge color pricing for those pages that have color on them. For example, in a 10 page document where 2 pages have color on them, Ink will charge 8 pages at the Black & White pricing, and 2 pages at the Color pricing!

A page is defined as a printed side and a sheet is defined as a physical piece of paper. There can be two pages to a sheet but not two sheets to a page.

Charges for printing are as follows:

Cost per page Black & White Color
Single-sided (simplex) $0.08 per page $0.80 per page
Double-sided (duplex) $0.03 per page ($0.06 per sheet) $0.30 per page ($0.60 per sheet)


Phone 1-800-INK-6053
Last updated: 

June 12, 2018