Now here, a new way to print at UIC!

After piloting an alternative print solution for the 2017-2018 academic year and reviewing student feedback, ACCC moved to a new pilot with Wepa in July 2018. This new solution brings several improvements:

  • Integration with Dragon Dollar$ and the ACCC print quota!
  • Simpler interface focused on the core service of printing, meaning less time spent at the print stations!
  • Integration with Blackboard, meaning you can print course materials directly at a print station!
  • While most stations print both Color and Black & White, some faster Black & White Only stations have been placed in high-volume locations!

Check out a quick walkthrough of how you can use Wepa!


  • Easy authentication: Log in to Wepa print stations with just your iCard and a 6-digit PIN!
  • Print however it's easiest for you:
    • Use an installed computer in any of the pilot locations to send print jobs to Wepa and release at any Wepa print station.
    • Walk up to a Wepa print station and:
      • Plug in your USB key to print directly.
      • Connect to Blackboard to access and print course materials!
      • Connect to your Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive accounts to print saved files.
    • Visit https://wepanow.com/login/uic and upload documents to your print queue
    • Install the print driver from https://www.wepanow.com/software and send print jobs from your laptop
    • Email your job to print@wepanow.com
  • Copy/Scan: Some Wepa print stations can copy documents via an attached scanner and save to your Cloud Storage like Google Drive or Box.


Wepa print stations are located in four buildings on campus. Find locations and details for all ACCC-managed printers, along their current status, at https://go.uic.edu/printpulse!

  • Richard J. Daley Library (LIB)
    • 9 stations on first floor
    • 4 stations on second floor
    • 2 stations on third floor
    • 2 stations on fourth floor
  • Library of the Health Sciences (LHS)
    • 2 stations on first floor
    • 1 station on second floor
  • Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB)
    • 2 stations in B001 computer lab on basement level
    • 3 stations in Learning Center on first floor
  • Science & Engineering South (SES)
    • 1 station in new Math & Science Learning Center on third floor

How to Print

  • At a print station: Use a USB flash drive, connect to Blackboard, or connect your Cloud Storage services like Google Drive or Box to print directly at a station!
  • From lab computers: The installed computers in the pilot locations have Wepa printers added to them so you can File -> Print from them as you have in the past with the U-Print system.
  • From the web: Use the web portal to submit jobs, view your transaction history, and more! https://wepanow.com/login/uic
  • From your laptop: Visit https://www.wepanow.com/software to download the Wepa print software to your Windows or Mac laptop!
  • From your phone: Download the Wepa print app for iPhone or Android from the respective app store!
  • From any device: Attach a document in an email from your UIC email address to print@wepanow.com

When first using a Wepa print station, you will be prompted to swipe your iCard and then create a 6-digit PIN. After this, you will be able to log in to the Wepa print stations by just swiping your iCard and entering your PIN.

If you are a guest, simply create a new Wepa account at a print station.


Printing at Wepa stations uses Dragon Dollar$ or credit/debit cards. Beginning Summer 2018, the UIC print quota is part of your Dragon Dollar$ account. More details about printing funds and the quota.

A page is defined as a printed side and a sheet is defined as a physical piece of paper. There can be two pages to a sheet but not two sheets to a page.

Charges for printing on Wepa stations are the same as on the U-Print systems, and are as follows:

Cost per page Black & White Color
Single-sided (simplex) $0.08 per page $0.80 per page
Double-sided (duplex) $0.03 per page ($0.06 per sheet) $0.30 per page ($0.60 per sheet)


Web support.wepanow.com
Email help@wepanow.com
Phone 1-800-675-7639
Last updated: 

March 13, 2019